Rehabilitation of hydroelectric plant and landscape around Agyia artificial lake

Agyia artificial lake together with the small power plant is a project inaugurated by Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos in 1928. The 0,30MW plant was operational until 2005. For the landscape and its organic connection to the building, natural materials fitting with the sensitive ecosystem of the area were mosntly used: earth and treated timber. The building’s modern architectural vocabulary was left untouched. Its new function as an exhibition space for renewable energy systems incoroporates the building itself as an 1:1 scale experience of hydroelectric energy production. Steel and concrete bases were designed for the exhibits and a 1:100 scale model is used to dislpay the water circulation from the penstock to the elevated tank, the turbines and eventually the escape canal. The retaining wall surrounding the pilotis that supports the water tank are connected so as to generate a continuous line on wich most of the exhibition panels are located.